Available from 20/07/2024
Price: 270 euro
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Feel your breathing.
Then observe it. And finally learn to control it.
In and out of the water.

If you are a freediver like us, you know that equalizing is the key to increasing your deep freediving performances and to improving your well-being in the water. Equalization, however, is difficult to control consciously and your safety depends on your ability to equalize. Even diving every day may not be enough to understand how to properly carry out that fundamental process.

With Eq-Tool Pro, equalizing will no longer depend just on your physical sensations.

It is possible to discover equalization, to observe it and to analyze it linking sensations with maneuvers and images, using real-time graphs that accurately measure the pressure needed to equalize, helping those who use such graphs to perform equalization correctly.

How to equalize out of the water

We created Eq-Tool precisely to learn how to equalize better and better, as well as to make equalization accessible to enthusiasts, athletes, professionals and all divers.

The new Pro version

EQ-Tool Pro is more flexible and can meet all your needs: you can use it without a phone or tablet, you can use it with a computer or even only by observing the colors at the base of your EQ-Tool. You can also close your eyes and let the sounds guide you.

EQ-Tool Pro is connected to a learning platform that guides the user to recognize the maneuver he is performing, plus it offers a structured path to make each maneuver increasingly effective, thus raising freedivers’ awareness and improving the effectiveness of the equalization in the water.
Eq-Tool Pro is now compatible with every device: phone, computer, tablet and every operating system. Thanks to the wi-fi connectivity of the EQ-Tool Pro, the instructors who use it can give lessons and follow many students’ progresses at the same time, even remotely.

Colored Lights

Let the colors guide you. A programmable LED base will allow you to use EQ-Tool Pro without phones or other devices, allowing you to concentrate better.

colour green colour yellow colour red
colour green

Nose piece

The nose piece is smaller and it has tactile feedback that makes holding it against your nostril easier.

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4 holes

An improved air adjustment system that can help you handle even the most advanced equalization maneuvers.

In 2017 we revolutionized equalization learning world by creating the Eq-Tool, the first patented digital dry equalization device. Today we are ready to do it again with Eq-Tool Pro.
What about you?
Ready to dive with us once again?

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EQ-Tool Pro respects the environment and it is designed to last

EQ-Tool Pro is rechargeable and it is made of aluminum and hypoallergenic polymers. It was created respecting the environment, trying to minimize its environmental impact. The entire production process, from construction to testing, is carried out in Italy. All suppliers and the people who revolve around this project were also chosen for their work ethic and their attention to the planet.


Eq-Tool Pro

Application generates a real-time graph of the performed equalizing maneuver. A platform dedicated to self-learning and to improving equalization techniques.
- A Platform perfect for instructors and intended for teaching, allowing real-time control of multiple EQ-Tool Pro devices from a single computer or tablet.
Bluetooth connectivity Wi-fi connectivity
Control software compatible with mobile devices only Full compatibility with all fixed and mobile devices without limitations due to the different systems
- The base is provided with programmable sounds and LED lights that can be useful when performing the exercises
Standard nose piece Ergonomic nose piece with tactile feedback
3 air flow adjustments 4 adjustments for optimal control of equalization techniques, in particular for Mouthfill training and all advanced maneuvers
Disposable battery Rechargeable battery
Polymer with medical certification Aluminum body with hypoallergenic polymer nose piece and medical certification