190 euro + shipping

UGoggles is a fluid goggles that allows a vision as good as a mask.

How to Use

Fill the fluid goggles with fresh or salt water and put your nose-clip on. You will no longer need to use your hands to equalize.

Designed for Freediver by Freediver

Thanks to an extensive optical design the fluid goggles allow you to see clearly under water. UGoggles come with a double silicone strap and five interchangeable nose bridges. UGoggles are easily adjustable to fit you perfectly.

Ergonomic and rugged Design

The lenses and the hard polycarbonate parts of the goggles are connected by a hypoallergenic silicone gasket that makes the goggles watertight. Moreover UGoggles are easy to clean and need simple maintenance.

Save money for Diving

We managed to curb the price of our products while ensuring the highest quality standards, so you can save money to dive and train more.