Increase your equalizing awareness


The first digital device to help divers learn and improve equalizing

184 euro + shipping

How it works

  • Connect the EQ-Tool to your mobile device
  • Adjust the nose ball in one of the four possible positions
  • Set equalization thresholds and times
  • Place the device on one nostril, plug the other nostril and start to equalize


The heart of a dive


We have imagined and developed a system that measures the pressure used to equalize. Interfacing with a specially structured application, EQ-Tool will accompany you from the first steps up to the most advanced manoeuvres.

"Equalizing is the heart of a dive, discovering it and being aware of it the right way will open the door for infinite emotions".




EQ-Tool Plus allows you to learn how to manage the volume of air you use to equalize. By using the new valve system, you can vary easier the effort you make to suit your needs and progress.



"EQ-Tool is a unique tool to improve your equalizing skills: it has been indispensable in my mouthfill learning process!"

Alessia Zecchini



"Making equalizing a conscious process is now finally possible, thanks to the small and technological EQ-Tool."

Michele Giurgola

Equalizing School

EQ-Tool is a unique teaching tool that helps you take your job as a trainer to the next level. Our software architecture allows you to follow your students from a distance, taking advantage of file sharing to help them grow.


"An exceptional tool for learning and perfecting advanced equalizing techniques"

Andrea Zuccari


"EQ-Tool: see your equalizing awareness grow!"

Federica di Maria


"The only device dedicated to equalizing that allows us to measure, compare and educate the sensations of free divers"

Federico Mana

EarOn… in real time

EarOn makes you understand at a glance how you're equalizing. 

The core of our application is an adaptive chart that shows you in real time how you're handling the mouthfill air, whether you're using too much pressure during Frenzel or you're involuntarily opening your soft palate during reverse packing. You can customise your training sessions to suit your needs and progress. Download and find EarOn, available for IOS orAndroid smartphones and tablets.



"The EQ-Tool is the ultimate device to train the equalization in land. The most practical and accurate way to improve and understand technical mistakes in your equalization. It is simple and you can take it with you anywhere in the world. Train the equalization and reproduce the mistakes made at depth, to understand correctly where to work and what kind of equalization is the most appropriate for you. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it will help you train your equalization more efficiently."


        Miguel Lozano


EarON: Tutorials

We've added a tutorial section inside EarON to give you some insights into the endless possibilities of EQ-Tool. 10 short videos that show you how to use our tool for many equalization types... and it's just the beginning!



EarON e Jellyfish increase your equalization playing!

Jellyfish is a game that we have studied and designed to improve your equalizing. It can help you can train your Frenzel, reverse packing or mouthfill. Choose from among how many fish to swim and remember that our jellyfish does not like to be too much on the bottom or swim out of the water.




"EQ-Tool is absolutely the TOP equipment for  training of equalization techniques! We use it a lot for Top athletes but also during our courses and training stages for our students!"


                  Martin Zajac



EarOn, an infinite memory

Mouthfill, Frenzel, sequential, advanced Frenzel, equalizing thresholds, table or simple tests: EarOn store all details of your training sessions. You can study them and share them with your peers or your instructor so you can progress quickly...the Sea awaits you!




EarOn is multilingual...for the seas around the world

EarOn, today, speaks five languages: Italian, English, French, Japanese and Chinese. Our app is constantly evolving and if it's not already available, it'll soon speak your language as well.



We have conceived and designed EQ-Tool choosing materials that respect the environment and humankind; protecting the planet and the people who use our device is a top priority for us.


Colors: blu, yellow, red, green, white

Dimensions and weight : 62mmx52mm,  ball diameter 23 and 20mm, 71 gr.

Power supply: CR2032 battery

Collegamento: Bluetooth low energy

Software requiremet: IOS 10 or later , Android 6 or later



You can upgrade your system to the Plus one if you want: contact us to to order cone and nose ball!