B-Happy Bubble

The bubble that cares for your safety

B-Happy Bubble is a solid and reliable stopper, made of bioplastic, which replaces the classic tennis ball on the freediving training lines. Placed just before the bottom plate, where one usually makes a turn, it prevents the lanyard from getting stuck. Happy Bubble greatly enhances your safety, leaving room for more concentration on your dive. 

25 euro + shipping

How it works

B-Happy Bubble is composed by two hollow non-deformable hemispheres connect by a thread and an anti-loosening system which holds a simple knot.

Design: How B-Happy Bubble was born?

The B-Happy Bubble was born two years ago by looking at the Freediving World Center’s stopper and the classic tennis ball commonly used by freedivers. Comparing pros and cons of both devices with the aim of  improving every single detail, including design and functionality, we came up with a brand new stopper that has already been successfully tested and embraced by many professionals as it brings safety a step further in freediving.




Why B-Happy Bubble?

 Our friend Maya called it the Happy Bubble. 
Made of Bioplastic and green packaging, we care for the planet as you all do!

"Let's stop to get stuck, let's start using the B-Happy Bubble!"

Andrea Zuccari

"B-Happy Bubbles is very safe stopper for the freediving training line"

Marco Mardollo

B-Happy Bubble is a milestone in the freediving safety”

Tito Zappala'

"I love to use B-Happy Bubble when I’m teaching because it's bright in the water and it’s funny for the students to go down to spine it…and it’s a plus that it’s made by a bio-plastic !"

Catherine Chouinard

25 euro + shipping



Materials & Manufacturing

We take care of worker well-being and our planet’s delicate ecosystem

B-Happy Bubble has been made using bioplastic and recycled materials for the packaging. The whole manufacturing process has been done in Italy respecting both the environment and people who have dealt with it.