29 July 2020

Advanced Frenzel

Advanced equalization techniques.

How to dive beyond your expiratory limit: the Advanced Frenzel.


Advanced Frenzel is an advanced equalization technique.  

Like the sequential Frenzel (read the Advanced equalization techniques. How to dive beyond your expiratory limit: the Sequential Frenzel) also the Advanced Frenzel provides for the management of the air previously recalled by the lungs into the oral cavity to compensate.


The Advanced Frenzel can therefore be adopted to overcome the limits of the Traditional Frenzel, if one uses the air shifting with an abdominal contraction (read Apnea equalization: things to know and errors to avoid ). It can also be used for less demanding dives, because if performed continuously, it only requires one opening of the Eustachian tube, contributing together with a proper pressure compensatory to reduce the stress load in the middle ear.


The Advanced Frenzel can be divided into two main points:

1) load;

2) equalization through blocks T, Ca, and H.


1) Load: the load suitable for the Advanced Frenzel is load N.

The air is moved from the lungs to the upper areas, keeping the tongue in block T and phoning the letter N so as to have the glottis half closed and the soft palate open. Once the volume of air between the tongue and the palate is filled, the glottis closes, the abs are relaxed and the compensatory management phase begins.


2) Equalization: it can be done both intermittently and continuously. In the first case, a series of equalizations will be performed by first using the Frenzel in block T, then in block Ca and then finally in H, copying the decrease in volume and adapting this maneuver to your specific needs. On the other hand, the continuous version requires that the sequence T, Ca, H be carried out without interruptions.

The Advanced Frenzel, in its fluid variation, is also very similar to the last part of the management of the Mouthfill and therefore represents a fundamental step for a conscious equalization.




Advanced Frenzel


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