31 August 2020

Advanced Equalization Techniques: the Mouthfill

Mouthfill is an advanced equalization technique.

Like the sequential Frenzel (read the Advanced equalization techniques. How to dive beyond your expiratory limit: the Sequential Frenzel) and Advanced Frenzel (read Advanced equalization techniques. How to dive beyond your expiratory limit: the Advanced Frenzel) also the Mouthfill anticipates for the management of the air previously recalled by the lungs in the oral cavity to equalize.


The Mouthfill is one of the equalization techniques that can be adopted to overcome the limits of Traditional Frenzel. It is an advanced maneuver that is usually used for very deep  dives and for this reason great attention must be paid to loading and to any reloads (read Equalization in apnea: the things to know and the errors to avoid).However, this technique can also be used for less demanding dives because it provides, like the Advanced Frenzel, a single opening of the Eustachian tube and therefore contributes together with a correct compensatory pressure, to reduce the stress load on the middle ear.


The Mouthfill technique can be divided into two main points:

1) load;

2) management.


1) Load: the suitable load for the Mouthfill is the load M.

The head should be hyperextended by a few degrees while through an abdominal contraction the air is moved from the lungs to the upper airways, providing the letter M throughout the whole process. In this way the soft palate will be open and while keeping the lips closed the walls of the nose will swell in sequence, while in the cheeks an additional space for air will be obtained by lowering the jaw and the foot of the tongue. It is important, during loading, to avoid overpressures such as to involuntarily close the soft palate or depressions that can be caused by the early opening of the jaw which may also introduce delays in equalization. The whole process must take place slowly and gradually, paying attention to the relaxation of all the muscles of the face.

Once the loading is over, the glottis closes, the abdominals relax and the compensatory management phase begins.


2) Management: the management of the compensatory phase of the Mouthfill can be summarized in the following points:

  • the head is brought back to a neutral position;

  • the jaw closes ;

  • the cheeks deflate;

  • the tongue is used to continuously compensate by using blocks T, Ca and H.


In each of these phases you must be careful to not increase the pressure too much, keeping it constant while the core and face muscles remain relaxed.

The Mouthfill is a complex equalization technique but a careful and conscious practice of all the individual steps that will allow us to increase the depths and the safety level of our dives.

Advanced Equalization Techniques: the Mouthfill


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